Spiritual Teachings explained

What is the purpose of life on earth? Is there an afterlife? How are we to imagine life in the spiritual world? These questions about our existence reach into the spiritual reality of the beyond, a reality which is inaccessible by our physical senses and by present day methods of natural-scientific research.

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The Spiritual World – free sample

Special Edition

The 32-page Special Edition contains selected lectures transmitted by spiritual beings through deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner. This edition provides a taste of GL Zürich’s spiritual teachings and also includes information about the assocation. It is aimed specifically at interested new readers who wish to gain insight into Christian spirit teaching.

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  • New Release

    Jesus – New Insights into His Life and Mission

    The only begotten Son of God became a man, and there is a reason for this immensely important world-historic event. This book addresses fundamental questions about Jesus Christ. It sheds light on the meaning of Christ’s parables and sayings and explains, as well, the significance of his incarnation and his act of redemption. The meaning and purpose of our own human existence is also made clear.

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  • Spiritual Literature


    This book contains 12 accounts of personal experiences from the world beyond. They come from deceased human beings who transmitted their individual story through the deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner. In a vivid manner they describe their initial experiences and encounters in the next world. These reports are impressive testimonies of the continuation of life after death.

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Information on GL Zürich

GL Zürich is an association whose purpose is to cultivate and promote Christian spirit teaching. It is based on 2400 lectures which were transmitted in the years 1948 to 1983 from the world beyond by the deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner. 1400 of these lectures are recorded on video or tape.

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The Hilfswerk GL Zürich

The relief organisation GL Zürich raises funds for various projects in the poorest regions of the world, primarily to help in cases of emergency and to improve living conditions of the needy on a long-term basis. Also special donations in the event of a catastrophe are solicited, currently to help relieve famine in South Sudan.

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The Swiss journal “The Spiritual World”

Topics of the current issue 1/2018

  • Why do we live on this earth? The answer to this question can be found far back in the past, in the world beyond, the spiritual world, where ages ago a momentous event took place.
  • Loyalty to Christ and obedience to God were made clear to all spiritual beings from the beginning of the divine creation and were required for a harmonious and peaceful life in heaven.

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