This book contains 12 accounts of personal experiences from the world beyond. They come from deceased human beings who transmitted their individual story through the deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner. In a vivid manner they describe their initial experiences and encounters in the next world. These reports are impressive testimonies of the continuation of life after death.
Price $12.00
273 pages, 12 accounts of personal experiences, size: 12 × 18.5 cm, hardcover, 1st edition 2013
ISBN: 978-3-85516-011-2
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Also available as an e-book at Amazon-Kindle under the title “Lifer after Life”.


  • Elisabeth: How she became a spiritualist and how this helped her in the hereafter
  • Theresia: Joys and disappointments in the beyond
  • Jakob: Faith in God is all-important
  • Mathys: In the service of souls in torment
  • Peter: Death at an early age
  • Karin: Inside a village for children
  • Hanna: One must earn one’s place in heaven through one’s own efforts
  • Magdalena: A stepmother atones for her lack of love
  • Maximilian: A materialist with many failings
  • David: Once lord of the manor – then a life as a shepherd to restore balance
  • Karin: A magnificent home – life and a gratifying activity in the beyond
  • Amalia: A never to be forgotten experience

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