Cyclone Idai in southeast Africa

On the night of 15 March 2019, Cyclone Idai raged through Mozambique with wind forces of up to 190 km/h accompanied by strong rainfall, causing devastation there as well as in the neighbouring states of Zimbabwe and Malawi. The coastal city of Beira was particularly affected by the storm. The gusts, storm surges and flooding destroyed almost the whole city and large parts of the immediate environment. Many villages are now completely isolated. In Mozambique alone, hundreds of people lost their lives, and the Red Cross estimates that approximately 400’000 people are currently homeless. 500’000 hectares of arable land were flooded. Apart from urgently needed foodstuffs, the strongly-affected population needs reconstruction aid and quick medical care since the standing and polluted water threatens them with illnesses such as cholera and malaria.

The relief organisation “Hilfswerk GL Zürich” thanks you for your donation in support of the victims of this natural disaster (reference “Cyclone Idai”). Donations go directly to the Swiss Red Cross which is on-site with specialists.

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