The Spiritual World – E-Journal


Geistige Welt is the oldest journal in the German-speaking world treating otherworldly knowledge, and has been published continuously since 1948.


The Spiritual World is the English language edition of the Swiss journal. It is regularly published six times a year (February, April, June, August, October, December) as an e-journal. They both contain spiritual lectures which have been transmitted over a period of 35 years through the deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner (1910–1983).

Topics of the current issue 4/2019:

Believing, yet Without Belief in a Spiritual World

If people have their own fixed belief system without allowing themselves to be diverted from it during life on earth, they will require a longer period in the world beyond before they can release themselves from such thoughts. This is illustrated through the example of a man who, in the end, found the way to his further ascent in the world beyond.

Maria – Her Initial Experiences in the Beyond

The spiritual being Maria reports of her initial experiences in the spiritual world. After her reception in the beyond she expected, as a believing Christian, to be guided immediately to Mary, Christ and God. However, she had to realize that the order and law in the world beyond are different to what she had been taught in her earthly life.

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