The Spiritual World – E-Journal


Geistige Welt is the oldest journal in the German-speaking world treating otherworldly knowledge, and has been published continuously since 1948.


The Spiritual World is the English language edition of the Swiss journal. It is regularly published six times a year (February, April, June, August, October, December) as an e-journal. They both contain spiritual lectures which have been transmitted over a period of 35 years through the deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner (1910–1983).

Topics of the current issue 5/2019:

Sudden Fatal Accident of a Married Couple

This lecture describes how a couple abruptly entered the spiritual world. Both were surprised that life continues, and since they did not believe in a world beyond they found it troublesome at first to find their way.

A Deathbed Experience

In this lecture an ascending spirit tells us about her experience on entering the world beyond. This sister describes in detail how she perceived the way in which the divine spirits helped her detach from her earthly body as she was dying.

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