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Edition 1/2015

Service to Others – the Homecoming of a Missionary
In this lecture we learn of a missionary’s homecoming to the world beyond. He has been active on behalf of God and the Redeemer and made sacrifices for his fellow human beings. He never felt alone or abandoned due to his intimate connection with the spiritual world. Ascending spirits as well as angels of God stood by him during his earthly life. They strengthened him with spiritual drink and invisible food and protected him on his dangerous paths. Upon his return to the spiritual world he was shown how he was helped and became acquainted with the spiritual beings who have led and supported him in life.

Retribution for Unfair Business and Hardheartedness
After a brief greeting of the controlling spirit, Amado, an ascending spirit speaks. He describes having entered a world of distress after his death. He carried the burden of his misdemeanours for decades in the spiritual world, according to earthly time measure, and suffered the same kind of hardheartedness he used to confront his fellow human beings with. Gradually, he realized his faults, regretted them deeply and learned how to turn to God in prayer. Eventually he could be freed from his burden and commenced his spiritual ascent. Following Amado’s report spirit teacher Joseph answers a few questions concerning this lecture.

Edition 2/2015

The Realm of God Is Among You
It is a very great pleasure for believing Christians to celebrate Easter, the feast of the resurrection of Christ, because on this occasion the Son of God clearly demonstrated that life after earthly death continues in the divine world. Christianity is also repeatedly reminded of the great battle Christ fought against evil both on earth and in the realm of death, as well as of the fundamental changes Christ’s victory brought about for each individual.

The Spiritual Teachers of Human Beings
Many people ask God for a “master” to accompany them in life and for spiritual gifts too – for this talent or that talent. With the help of the divine world, a human being can develop his talents provided the desired attribute exists in his soul. A sincere effort must be made, however, to lead a spiritually elevated life which will then make it possible to be given a teacher.

Edition 3/2015

History of Christianity – Its Background and Development
Over the course of the centuries, Christ’s teaching has experienced many changes at the expense of its vivacity. In the very beginning, the roots of Christian teaching were sound and strong, but soon after the Redeemer’s departure these roots were damaged and began to suffer.
The decay of the church today is proof of the fallacious way in which it was once built up through power and violence; after all, that which is the truth and will of God will not perish.
Today’s freedom of thinking allows Christians to return to the origin or source from which the truth flows lucidly.

The Former True Church of Christ and the Church of Christ Today
In the true church of Christ human beings are connected with Christ and God through the holy spiritual world of God. Divine spirits once instructed the congregation and it was also they who decided who was to be the leader or bishop of the community; they guided him in his function. The bishop supported the community with help and advice and recognized when a person had to make reparations thanks to the help of God. Therefore, the bishop at that time had a different function; he was the link between human beings and the spiritual world of God.

Edition 4/2015

In Reincarnation Lies the Wisdom of God
Through repeated lives on earth human beings are given the opportunity to purify themselves further and to pass their exams in order to finally find true happiness as mature spirits.
Christianity has great difficulties believing in reincarnation – and this for different reasons. However, he who finds time to contemplate asking for higher spiritual insight will realize that just as there is a constant coming and going in nature, the same applies to human beings. Within the plan of reincarnation, human beings are also subject to this coming and going until they have reached the point when they can enter the glory of God.

The Process of Reincarnation
What preparations must a spirit undergo prior to incarnating as a human being on earth? Spirit teacher Lene sheds light on the diligent care that the divine world grants to their brothers and sisters who are marked for a new life on earth. Divine spirits guide them into transformation, calculate the orbits into which they are to be led and open up the path to an ideal mother-to-be.

Insight into Reincarnation Is of Great Value
Vices such as discontent, craving for recognition and quarrelsomeness, in most cases, cannot be overcome in one single earthly existence. Therefore one will be reborn with the same weaknesses and vices as often as required until they are completely overcome – until the innermost is purified. It is a long path to harmony but it’s possible for everyone to reach.

Edition 5/2015

Ways of Atonement and Purification
Virtues and vices are firmly inscribed in everyone’s soul also after earthly death; one takes them along into the world beyond.
The example of a violent and evil man on earth by the name of Albert describes how the divine world has to act in order to lead this being into the divine order and towards his ascent. Therefore, an exigent purification was required for him to become humble. His change of attitude brought about his true penitence enabling him to forget his old self and deeds.

Early Death Due to a Hunting Accident
Not everything that befalls human beings during their life is foreordained. In this lecture spirit teacher Joseph initially describes a fate that was inflicted by a human being himself. He then focuses on irreversible destinies which had been foreordained in the divine world. However, the divine world is always ready to alleviate fates. It lies in the divine wisdom that as far as all these events are concerned human beings don’t know the cause of their destiny; it is important, however, that they accept it.

Edition 6/2015

Christ – the Light, the Way and the Truth
Human beings need the belief, the deep inner connection with Christ and God because this enables them to absorb the spiritual light and to recognize the way leading via Christ to God. Next to God Christ is the most magnificent and precious light that radiates in all directions. This light can be recognized by its love, its amiable nature, its warmth, glory and splendour. The brilliant shine of the spiritual light enables human beings to recognize the truth and to find their way to the heights.

Peace at Home, in the Heart and Soul Is the Most Valuable
People who have peace in their heart and soul are able to spread it everywhere: at home, at work and among their fellow human beings. A female returnee to the spiritual world lacked this peace. Full of unwillingness, jealousy and cantankerousness she required a long time to change her thinking and will. But with the assistance of a leading spirit she finally managed to absorb the message of peace in her soul.

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