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Edition 1/2016

Are Prosperity and Well-Being Useful for Spiritual Ascent?
Many people believe prosperity and well-being would make them happier in life. However, many become estranged from God in their pursuit of earthly wealth and damage themselves spiritually. In this lecture, the reader learns about the difficult path such a being had to tread in the spiritual world after his earthly death until he could finally liberate himself from his earthly way of thinking.

Every Nation and Every Race Is on the Path of Ascent
The background to this lecture is the Black Civil Rights Movement in the USA in the spring of 1965. Shortly before the date of this lecture, two civil rights marches took place in the city of Selma (Alabama), demonstrating the desire of African-American citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Whereas the first march on 7th March, called Bloody Sunday, was brutally attacked by State Troopers, a second march two days later, called Turnaround Tuesday and lead by Martin Luther King, was more peaceful thanks to Dr. King’s finesse and demeanour. At a strategic moment in the march he spontaneously called for prayer and preached a sermon. Spirit teacher Joseph was prompted by the dramatic events of those days to take a look at the battle for equal rights of the black population from the spiritual point of view.

Edition 2/2016

“I Am the Vine and You Are the Branches”
With this parable of the vine and the branches (John 15, 1–8) Jesus tried to give basic explanations to his listeners about the plan of salvation and redemption. He gave great consideration to their circumstances and their level of understanding; they neither knew the sense of Christ’s incarnation nor the sense of their own human existence.

Man’s Relationship with the Divine World
Fate in the life of human beings can have different causes. It may be brought on because of one’s own imprudent actions or the neglect of spiritual values. A fate as, for instance, an early death, can overtake a human being through divine intervention in his life, and this could even be at the request of an ascending spirit from his own spiritual family in order to promote the spiritual ascent of his relative.

Edition 3/2016

The Empty Grave – What Happened After Jesus’ Death?
In order to better understand all the events in connection with Christ’s resurrection and ascension, it is essential to have basic knowledge of the plan of salvation and redemption as well as of the influence of odic forces. A pious returnee had this very experience; he knew little about the spiritual world and its laws and had many erroneous ideas. Thanks to his commendable life he was shown the realm of God, and this brought him into a closer relationship to Christ, the King, and allowed him to continue in his service.

Christ’s Battle in Hell and His Triumphal Reception in Heaven
After his death on the cross, Christ, together with Michael’s legions, surged into the realm of the dead and defeated his adversary with spiritual weapons. When word was received that their King was victorious and had fulfilled his task, the jubilation of the spiritual world was overwhelming and beyond words. The opulence and splendour of his reception back into heaven is indescribable: of all that exists in the spiritual world, the most exquisite and beautiful was brought forth.

Edition 4/2016

Od – the Spiritual Life Force in the Levels of Ascent
In recounting a teaching excursion with two adolescent girls, spirit teacher Lene tells us about the ascent of the fallen spirits: the manner in which they have to work their way up through nature, the realm of plants and animals up to the level of human existence. We learn from the example of blades of grass and foliage about growth and decay in nature: the way in which powerful streams of od pick up the sparks of life from the realm of plants, only to be returned for renewed animation, at the appropriate time, to the same level of development or, after transformation, to a slightly higher level. In addition, we learn about the diversity and the differentiation of divine intervention in ascending life.

The Spiritual Trail to One’s Own Past
Every being has left behind an odic trail in the course of his existence – from his spiritual birth up to his present life. An ascending spirit on a higher level of ascent can follow this trail. Those who return home with significant spiritual insight and merit can also investigate their own spiritual roots unaided by the angelic world. They can follow their trail and will then find their true spiritual homeland as well.

Edition 5/2016

Two Parables with Encoded Reference to Reincarnation
In this lecture two parables are explained which point covertly to reincarnation. The first is the parable of the vine and the branches and the second the comparison of the flesh and blood of the Lord which is offered as spiritual food and drink for human beings. Jesus’ disciples understood these parables in a human way and therefore were unable to comprehend them. At that time, Christ had to clarify them; in our time, people need the insights from a divine spirit who reveals the true meaning of these words.

“Fritz the Beggar” – Initial Experiences of a Simple Farmer
A spiritual being – who was a farmer in his past life on earth with a family of eleven children to provide for – was still possessed by the weakness of drunkenness. Money was often lacking and it was the village baker, who had a good heart, who secretly supported this family. The relationship between the farmer and baker continued in the spiritual world for the betterment of the farmer.

Edition 6/2016

Preparations in the Spiritual World for Christ’s Mission on Earth
Long before Christ entered human incarnation for the redemption of mankind a great many preparations had been made. From amongst the angelic high princes of heaven, a selection was made of those who were to spread the belief in God among human beings; once in incarnation, they were known as prophets. Those singled out to fulfil a special task were not just chosen from among the angels but also from ascending spirits in the highest levels of ascent in hell.

Christmas – the Festival of Peace and Light
This holy hour brings harmony and peace to the soul. In this hour, near God, the soul enjoys the warmth of the light. Spiritually-oriented Christians who align themselves with God know the meaning of light. Human beings bear within themselves a tiny spark of the great light of God; it is their duty to unfold this light so that in time it will flood through their entire being.

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