The Spiritual World 2018

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Edition 1/2018

The Reason Behind Human Life
Why do we live on this earth? What is the purpose of human existence? Why is there a material creation with its manifold life forms? The answers to these questions can be found far back in the past, in the world beyond, the spiritual world, where ages ago a momentous event took place.
Part of the spiritual beings became guilty of disloyalty and disobedience against God’s order which led to their apostasy, their outcast from heaven and the loss of their divine consciousness. However, through the mercy of God a way was prepared for all the fallen to regain their divine consciousness step by step. And so, human beings tread on their long and arduous, but also hopeful, way back to their spiritual homeland.

How the Rift in the Spiritual World Came about
Loyalty to Christ and obedience to God and his commandments were made clear to all spiritual beings from the beginning of the divine creation and were required for a harmonious and peaceful life together in heaven. This lecture illustrates the events that took place when beings rebelled against this order.

Edition 2/2018

Jesus – the Redeemer of Mankind
Christ, the Son of God, came into this world with a very specific mission. The Father gave him the task of redeeming mankind from spiritual death and opening the way back to the Father’s house. Christ had to make great sacrifices and to endure agony and torment in order to fulfil this task. After all, the base spiritual world did everything it could to bring about his downfall. They tried to discourage him and to dissuade him from his faith in God and in his mission. Yet, despite all the suffering, Christ remained steadfast and emerged victorious over Lucifer.

There Was No Return to Heaven Prior to Christ’s Redemption
At the time of Christ’s teaching ministry the scribes and Pharisees sent out people who were to ask trick questions in order to destabilize Christ. However, Jesus was quick-witted and gave them such clever answers that they returned to their principals empty-handed. In addition to his replies he also pointed toward his deed of redemption.

Edition 3/2018

Sources of Strength and Confidence on the Path of Life
God has given every human being the means to cope with his fate and to be happy. In order to strengthen himself for his life path everyone has to find the sources which are suitable for him and which give him joy and healing.

Marked for a Special Task
By having led a truly pious life and having aligned themselves with the will of God, deceased human beings have accelerated their ascent and can be given entirely different preparation in the spiritual world than those who return without belief in God. In such cases the divine world can entrust these individuals with a significant task for their next life on earth. This is illustrated in the following story of a man who distinguished himself in his earthly life through peacefulness, justice and the defence of his fellow human beings; in short, he became an example to others.

Edition 4/2018

How Human Beings Are Judged and Organized by the Divine World
Although many people believe in God they don’t take their faith, and the laws embodied therein, all that seriously. A second large group doesn’t believe at all in the Creator and in Christ. And finally, there is the third group which possesses a deep and firm faith and lives according to the divine laws. Based on examples, this lecture describes how the divine world allocates those returning from their life on earth to one of these three groups and how they fare in the spiritual world.

Visiting Three Altars
In this meditation our angelic sister Lene leads us to spiritual heights, to a temple with three altars in honour of God, Christ and the high spiritual world. Everyone can now light a torch with the warmth and goodness of his heart and offer this spiritual light as a present – in honour, in praise and in gratefulness.

Edition 5/2018

How Prayers Are Answered – Experiences of a Guardian Spirit
An ascending spirit tells of her duties with human beings and her function in the fulfilment of their prayed-for wishes. When a human being prays to God or Christ certain appointed divine spirits take up the prayer carrying it along and ensuring its fulfilment. No fervent prayer gets lost; each one is noted and will benefit the praying person. However, if a certain prayer-wish cannot be fulfilled the responsible spirits will enquire in which way they can help the petitioner.

The Effect of Prayers for the Deceased
A significant effect can come from human prayers for relatives in the spiritual world, as well as for unfortunate spirits outside the divine order … but only on the condition that the prayer comes from deep within and is spoken in deep devotion.

Edition 6/2018

Awakening in Heavenly Bliss
Christ left a legacy to mankind; he spoke of love and mercy, of justice and peace. When human beings take up this legacy and live according to these principles they can someday be entrusted with uplifting tasks in the divine world. This is described in the following example of a sister of merit who could enter a beautiful plane where she was looked after by her former godmother and introduced to new and delightful tasks.

Strengthened and Trained Human Beings Are Required for Spiritual Progress on Earth
The divine world needs strong, well-trained beings who will do their utmost for spiritual progress in a later human existence. Returnees of merit are told: “We need you. You’ll have to enter human existence again once you are strengthened in spirit and your soul is enlightened. Then we may hope that you will fulfil your task.”

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