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Edition 6/2019

Living Hope and Love
In contrast to perfection in the heavens everything on earth, and in the levels of ascent, is still imperfect. Our angelic sister Lene explains this with the example of music as well as with the virtues of hope and love. Although imperfect on earth, both these virtues are still of great significance for the upward development of mankind.

Christ Himself Prepared and Organized His Incarnation
With regard to his mission on earth Christ left nothing to chance. All preparations were most carefully planned and discussed with the Father. Christ himself chose the angels who were to accompany him during his life and support him according to their abilities. Christ made provisions for everything and even appointed a high spirit for unexpected events.

Edition 5/2019

Sudden Fatal Accident of a Married Couple
A band links the spirit and the human body through which the life force flows. A human being dies if the organism is damaged in its vital functions. As soon as all the life force has flowed back to the spirit and soul, the band between body and spirit is completely severed.

A Deathbed Experience
During the process of dying the life force flows from the earthly human body back to the spirit and soul, to the everlasting. Therefore, this is a separation of the eternal from the transient. The spiritual being Frieda describes how she herself experienced her own detachment and how she was able to observe alternately her earthly environment and the spiritual beings who were helping her.

Edition 4/2019

Believing, yet Without Belief in a Spiritual World
The highest gift God gave to human beings is free will and reason. This allows human beings to investigate questions of belief ultimately deciding what is acceptable to them. In the beyond, no one can make the excuse that he had been taught differently, because everyone is responsible for himself.

Maria – Her Initial Experiences in the Beyond
In her earthly life Maria had been religious and prayed a lot. She simply accepted everything that she had been told to believe without giving it much thought. Initially she had to find her own way in the divine world and have a few experiences. In a church she witnessed the battle between good and evil. She even tried to intervene in the events and help a desperate young woman.

Edition 3/2019

“I Shall Remain with You Until the End of the World”
At the Ascension Christ returned to the Father as victor. Nevertheless, he promised his own that he would not leave them behind orphaned because he knew that the relationship with him and the divine world was of the greatest importance for the spiritual future of every human being. Therefore, Christ promised the people to send them the spirits of truth that would protect, console and instruct them.

The True Church of Christ
Christ’s church should be in the hearts of human beings. To bear it within means to obey God’s commandments and Christ’s teaching. Wherever on earth human beings are living they can fulfil their tasks, treat their neighbours lovingly, be kind and understanding to their fellow human beings and lead a just life.

Edition 2/2019

Ascent from the Realms of Hell
As a result of Christ’s victory over Lucifer, the ensuing last judgement stipulated that Lucifer has to release all those spiritual beings in his realm who are no longer willing to serve evil and in whose soul the desire has awakened to return to the true homeland. Yet, the ascent differs among those willing to return as there are some who can accelerate their ascent.

Rescue from the Realms of Lucifer
Divine spirits seek to help their brothers and sisters in their ascent. They not only take care of human beings and the spirits in the heavenly levels of ascent but also in the planes of hell where they assist the unfortunate souls to escape from Lucifer’s realm.

Escape into Christ’s Camp
Lucifer tries everything in order to maintain his realm. Therefore, a spirit willing to turn away from him requires courage and staying power to dare to cross over into Christ’s camp. He also has to be very cautious that his intentions are not found out. The best strategy for such an unfortunate soul when wandering among human beings is to seek the protection of an angel of God.

Initial Steps in the Ascent
The most grievously burdened spiritual beings live in the depths of hell; they cannot escape their tormentors and start their ascent. However, the spiritual world of God approaches them creating the possibility to slowly escape darkness.

Edition 1/2019

The Power of a Good Attitude
The divine world works tirelessly to enable human beings to find the way to their higher self, to raise their way of thinking. The divine world tries to help them to purify their feelings as well as refine themselves. This will strengthen their connection with the good spiritual world and will be beneficial to their salvation and of great advantage when they return to their spiritual homeland.

Place the Seed of Love into the Hearts of Your Children
If Christ’s laws had been obeyed, if every human being would show his fellow human beings love and goodness the world would look different today. If parents had placed the seed of goodness into the hearts of their children then the seed would grow and spread over the earth starting in each individual.

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