Edition 2/2019

Edition 2/2019

Ascent from the Realms of Hell
As a result of Christ’s victory over Lucifer, the ensuing last judgement stipulated that Lucifer has to release all those spiritual beings in his realm who are no longer willing to serve evil and in whose soul the desire has awakened to return to the true homeland. Yet, the ascent differs among those willing to return as there are some who can accelerate their ascent.

Rescue from the Realms of Lucifer
Divine spirits seek to help their brothers and sisters in their ascent. They not only take care of human beings and the spirits in the heavenly levels of ascent but also in the planes of hell where they assist the unfortunate souls to escape from Lucifer’s realm.

Escape into Christ’s Camp
Lucifer tries everything in order to maintain his realm. Therefore, a spirit willing to turn away from him requires courage and staying power to dare to cross over into Christ’s camp. He also has to be very cautious that his intentions are not found out. The best strategy for such an unfortunate soul when wandering among human beings is to seek the protection of an angel of God.

Initial Steps in the Ascent
The most grievously burdened spiritual beings live in the depths of hell; they cannot escape their tormentors and start their ascent. However, the spiritual world of God approaches them creating the possibility to slowly escape darkness.

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